About Holy Family Congregation

  • Sisters of Congregation

    The Congregation was founded on 14th May, 1914. Today they work in over 150 educational, medical and family apostolate centres through out the country.The activities of the Sisters of the Congregation of Holy Family are as multi various as the needs of the country. They can be found in schools, hospitals, and colleges of higher learning, in special education and rehabilitation of the deaf and dump, in care of the aged and dying, disabled and orphaned, in youth organisations, in the urban slums and remote tribal villages and in movements for civil rights and communal amity. You being a member of this institution become a part of this Holy Family, to be part of the growth process in which we all travel together inspired by Mother Mariam Thresia-the foundress and Fr.Joseph Vithayathil.Create a world of enlightened and integrated citizens and mould ideal families by imparting knowledge of God and value- based quality education.